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There is an old saying in China: Everything is difficult at the beginning. This sentence sounds too heavy, and he can still pick up a sentence: but as long as he is willing to do it, the head will be smooth.
Why do you say that it is easier to solve the first 10% of the difficulties first?
On the one hand, it is a realistic factor: standing in the same place, not moving, the problem is there, and it is more and more difficult; once it starts. Problems on the road are often solved with the help of the lieutenant. Because the main body of action is sporty, it will naturally attract many means and resources to help you solve the problem.
On the other hand, it is a psychological factor: when people face problems, they are worried and even want to give up. Most of them are psychologically stunned by the hugeness and complexity of the problem. They feel that their strength is limited and they are struggling. After ignoring 90%, the first 10% will be compromised by blitz, which is equivalent to psychologically creating for yourself. Through the smooth resolution of the top 10%, you will truly feel your subjective initiative and thus have a strong morale. Up, no heart and no lungs to declare a war to another 10%.
The astronauts later did not consider whether they could go home. The inspector held a magnifying glass and had forgotten whether he could solve the case. Dad took the phone and no longer asked the wife to return quickly; his son’s condition improved immediately. They have already been difficult to dismantle in their minds. They don’t ask the way ahead, repeating a thought like a demon: solving a paragraph and solving a paragraph.
I have been walking so far for a while, and I have gone so far. At that time, you look up again, the sky is the blue.