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We also often see some inspirational role models.
Grandma Moses began painting at the age of 76 and held a solo exhibition at the age of 80.
KFC's grandfather Harlan Sanders opened the first KFC restaurant at the age of 62.
There are always a lot of stories telling us when life is not too late.
However, please be sure to note that Grandma Moses has a very high talent for painting; Grandpa KFC has studied fried chicken for many years before opening KFC.
Most of the people who have become late, have the background of talent, luck, and accumulation, and these are often impossible to meet.
For most people:
First, we may not have the talent of Grandma Moses. If there is, try harder and play early. Wouldn't it be better?
Second, if there is no hard work to accumulate in the early stage, when the opportunity comes, it may not be able to grasp it at all.
Third, the world not only looks at the face, but also looks at the age. For example, a unit leader often prefers to cultivate younger employees because it has more potential and more value.
Late arrival is actually a small probability event. Beyond the miracles of Grandma Moses and Grandpa KFC, more is a mediocrity, a hard life, and finally unsuccessful, lamenting the ordinary people who "do not work hard and the old man is sad."
The so-called "when is life not too late to start" is actually to those who have never really worked hard and want to play their own values ??and pursue a better life.
Indeed, if your heart is eager to have motivation, then it is not unreasonable to fight at the age of 60. After all, as long as there is an opportunity to start, now is the time in the rest of life.
But it’s not too late to start at the age of 60. If you realize the importance of hard work early, start at 20 or even earlier, step on each of the upward nodes, climb and expand, and your efforts will surely get more Great return.
You don't have to insist on what time you have to reach, and what level of height you will achieve. After all, each person's traits are different and the growth rate is different. Just like the ripening period of cabbage and cherries is different, you cannot use the same standard requirements. However, if you want to get the harvest, no matter who you are, you should try to absorb the sun and water in the sunny spring, root and sprout, and grow hard.
Spring is lazy, and it’s really hard to return in the fall.
Don't let you work hard tomorrow, blame yourself for spending your time today.